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Our promise to you:


        Glassical is built upon a commitment to exemplary performance and an uncompromising

        pursuit of quality.  Glassical employees are uniquely focused on providing the best possible

        product for you, our valued client.  We do it through outstanding knowledge and care,

        innovative use of technology, and sincere customer service.  Thank you for choosing

        Glassical.  We look forward to continuing to validate your trust now and in the future with a

        total commitment to you.

Whenever possible discuss and place your order by phone.

Contacting us:


 Central Time Zone

 Monday to Friday – 8:30AM to 5:30PM

 Saturday – By appointment

In Person:





By Phone:


2656 Summer Avenue

 N E corner of Bingham and Summer Avenue

 Between Tillman to the East and Hollywood to the West

 Memphis, TN  38112


 Toll Free:         1-800-522-6560

 Local:                1-901-458-6560

 Fax:                   1-901-458-6570

 Cell:                   1-901-216-0489 (For matters of extreme concern, nearly 24/7)


By Mail:    





By email:        


Glassical, Inc.

 2656 Summer Avenue

 Memphis, TN  38112

 United States of America


 lucyb@Glassical.com          Customer Service                                       Lucy  


  iang@Glassical.com        Artist / Designer / Etched Products           Ian


 contact@Glassical.com            Bonded Products / Founder                Bryan




We strive to keep most of the frequently-asked-for table tops and or our signature product, Bonded Glass Table Bases, in stock for shipment within a few days.  We invite you to click on our website menu of beautiful and interesting items. If you don’t find exactly what you want, give us a call.   We have many other choices not posted to the web site.


When you are after a glass item that you just can’t find, don’t give up.  We welcome the unique ideas that our clients have brought to us over the 29 years of fabricating glass items for the  home or business.  We believe in the slogan “Imagination Welcome” that encourages creative  solutions  to flesh out your design concepts and express your design statement.


Special, “Custom” orders will be quoted and time estimates given at the time of ordering to reflect the conditions at the time.





Consult our website for prices of our many in-stock items.  If you don’t find exactly what you want, please call Glassical so one of our experienced sales representatives can work with you to meet your needs.


Shipping charges are dependent on many factors.  Please call Glassical so one of our experienced sales representatives can help you.




Glassical makes every effort to get your order to you as soon as possible.  Orders for in-stock Table Tops placed on business days before noon are generally shipped on the second business day. 

Shipping time for custom orders will be estimated dependent on the details of the design.

Glassical offers Fed Ex Ground shipping for most items less than 100 pounds.

Heavier items or those that require special handling will travel by Common Carrier truck line.  There are several levels of Common Carrier service available.

·        CURBSIDE DELIVERY is most economical but may require you to assist handling the package from the street to the destination.

·        INSIDE DELIVERY delivers the package to just inside your door or garage.

·        WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY includes delivery of the package to the inside destination, unpacking, setting in place of the new item, and removal of the packaging materials.  It does not include the disposal of the item you are replacing.

Your Glassical Representative can help you select the best delivery to fit all your needs.

Be sure to completely describe your delivery  situation to your Glassical Representative during the quoting and ordering process.  This will help avoid “surprise” problems at delivery time.  Surprises include such things as lack of or small elevators, difficult stairways, sharp corners, road conditions, narrow hallways and limited access.  The trucking company will take your factors into account when making its quotation to Glassical.  If there are undisclosed “surprises” the trucking company may charge extra fees.  In the worst case, may not have the proper equipment to deliver the package, necessitating a re-delivery, with added fees.

When the trucking company calls YOU and makes an appointment to deliver, please be available for that appointment.  If you miss your appointment, there may be a re-delivery fee.

If you experience any difficulty or have any concerns, please contact Glassical immediately.

What to do if the package arrives and looks damaged

Here are some things you need to know to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Freight carriers rules state that the receiving party may not open the package until they have accepted (signed for) the shipment.  BUT you are allowed to look at and touch the package before accepting it.  So, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING, YET!!!

We need your help to check for any damage to the package.  When the truck arrives......


  1. LOOK at all sides of the package for signs of crushing, distortion, or puncturing.  Damaged packaging is a clear warning.  If you see package damage, politely tell the driver what you see. 

2.         2.   TEST the package by tipping it on edge and gently jostling the package back and forth.  Repeat this for several edges. 

3.         3.   LISTEN for the sound of broken glass..... If it sounds broken, it probably IS broken.  Call Glassical immediately at

                800-522-6560 for advice.  If you can’t reach us, REFUSE the shipment.  

4.         4.   LISTEN, AGAIN.   If the package makes dull “thump” sounds, it probably is just  movement of the glass item within the

                EPS packaging materials.  There is no 100% good way for you to tell for sure whether a “thump” is okay or bad news. 

                You'll  just have to accept the package as “okay” for now.  If the item actually is damaged when you open it, contact

                Glassical immediately for advice.

5.          5.   WRITE a description of the package damage on the paperwork the driver presents for your signature. 


                OR ACTUAL DAMAGE.  Retain a copy to forward to Glassical. 

6.           6.  SHOOT a digital photo, if possible, to document anything you observe that suggests  possible damage.  But you must

                 note your concerns in writing.  Written comments such as “see photos of crushed carton” are very helpful.  Send copies

                 of the documents and photos to Contact@Glassical.com.

7.            7.  RESIST persuasive comments from the driver, who may encourage you to forgo the notation of possible or

                 apparent damage you discovered and urge you to just sign for the goods.  Any words you “say” to the driver about

                 what you have spotted will likely be forgotten by the driver the moment he pulls away.   When it comes to damage

                 claims, what is written, and signed by you and the driver, is all that counts.

What to do if the package looks okay when it arrives, but the item actually is damaged

In spite of all the good efforts of Glassical and the freight company, occasionally a package will arrive in apparently good condition, but upon opening.... the item is broken.  We share your disappointment at this bad result, and we pledge to make it right.  Please contact your Glassical sales representative immediately so we can make plans together for how best to handle the broken item and its replacement item. 

Glassical is responsible to you to get you good product, we ask your help to observe and note the necessary information to protect you and us from any careless action by the carriers and keep costs down all of us.

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